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October 18, 2011


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US Engineer

I have worked as Senior manufacturing executive in USA , Europe and in Asia for 40 years. To my scale USA manufacturing was the most sophisticated in the World , followed by Japan and Germany. Unfortunately , US companies' took an easier solution to control the manufacturing cost by outsourcing to China and other developing countries. They were able to reduce the manufacturing cost to some extent but paid much heavier price by transfering the technology , product quality and export earning. It is encouraging to learn that the manufacturing can bounce back. What we need is to look at the cost of overhead and distribution and not the labor cost , which in any case is a fraction of the total cost of a product.


US manufacturing is the foundation of rebuilding our economy, just like every counrty in the world. How will we be diffrent? Manufactures need to make sure that they are looking at capabilities that are a generation ahead of todays and they address the critical future issues of the markets they serve. Manufacturing will grow very slowly without a change in our current banking attitude toward small business. Many small companies trying to serve regional / national needs find it extremly hard going when they are unable to get capital to take care current needs, let alone looking to future oppertunities.


help me out. What do they mean; "To paraphrase our Vice President, adding 2-3 million manufacturing jobs would be a big "bad word" deal." What is the 'bad' part of adding 2-3 million jobs? Or is this just another example of the sterling talent in our media. Ooops, missed another typo.


Gunner: The "bad word" reference comes from VP Joe Biden getting caught on a public microphone using a bad word (rhymes with trucking) to describe his view of the impact of the new health care deal. He said it "is a big ------- deal."

On another topic, we don't consider ourselves "media" in the traditional sense. We are researchers who use this blog to report on our findings and other issues we think are important to small business.

Dom DeSantis

ABC World News has had a "Made in America" Series going on that shows we can meet or beat foreign goods pricing in many, many areas. As a Country, we did "cut our own throats" by sending Manufacturing overseas.

We always took the attitude that we were the "king of the hill" and that arrogance has put us in economic turmoil. If we are going to recover in the World Economy... we must learn "to play well with others" and remember that "charity begins at home".

Unfortunately we are Political Adolescents when it comes to the World and sometimes our "hormones" rage when we should shut up and listen. Foreign Policy needs to become a priority instead of a bother... and Domestic Policy needs to favor American Industry and Americans first!


Hi there - Well, @WLC took the words right out of my mouth saying "US manufacturing is the foundation of rebuilding our economy." I work for a titanium manufacturer here in Houston and couldn't agree more. A strong manufacturing industry is vital to a healthy economy - right now, we have neither.

Anyways, thanks for sharing! - Aly


Now we need to bring tech support back to the US. So I can get help with all the people calling me for simple Dell or HP tech help under warentied machines. Then they get mad when I tell them that they could have called Dell or HP and had this fixed for free. That will be $100 please.

forex training

On this development, I expect Call Center Jobs to remain outsourced. That maintains profitability for companies where they hire professionals that are qualified as their American counterparts, for less.


Manufactures need to make sure that they are looking at capabilities that are a generation ahead of todays and they address the critical future issues of the markets they serve. Manufacturing will grow very slowly without a change in our current banking attitude toward small business.

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