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October 12, 2007


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Steve King

Anita and Jeff:

Thanks for the comments. Jeff, good point about differentiation and I certainly agree.

This also relates to Anita's comment about the growing number of online community sites targeting small businesses. There are a lot, and based on what I am hearing there are going to more. Too many for most to be successful.

I think many of the vendors creating these sites are thinking in Web 1.0 terms - that they need to bring the customers to their sites and control them.

It seems to me these vendors would be better off distributing their content to other sites rather than spending lots of money trying to create a large "me to" community site.


Anita Campbell

Hi Steve,

My point wasn't limited just to blogs. I also meant to include the host of small business community sites popping up, many by vendors. It's as if the in thing is to create small business communities.

The best sites are very creative, draw readers in with interactive features, and have multiple "WIIFM" features drawing readers to come back. In the end, just as you point out, it comes down to quality.


Tim Berry

Hmmm ... "if your blog is good enough" is a nice conclusion but I'd add "or different enough, or focused enough."

There's little room left for copies, but a whole world out there for originals.

Actually this blog is a good example. You've got your focus and your personal positioning, and it works. Be yourself. Be different.


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