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January 23, 2008


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I am worried about about the ethical issues around neuromarketing and I do find it a bit scarey.

Having said that, because of the intrusive nature of neuromarketing only volunteers can be used in their studies.

If they could do brain scans without your knowledge - that would be scarey.


Don't worry, Alex, if it was possible to turn people into buying drones clever advertisers would have done so already. The fact is that people are different, and there's no magic buy button. On the plus side, neuromarketing tests may help businesses avoid wasting money on ads that simply don't perform.


Alex Bellinger

I love your straight reporting of this story. But don't you think it's somewhat scary?

I'm a firm believer that every business should get into the mind of its customer, but for reasons of understanding i.e. to give them the product or service they want.

While you could argue that marketing has always been about influencing (sometimes subconsciously) the minds of potential customers, neuromarketing sounds like something out of Bladerunner.

I'm not sure I want my customers to be replicants ;)



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