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March 24, 2008


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Every body acknowledges that life is high priced, nevertheless people require cash for various things and not every person earns big sums cash. So to get fast loans and just small business loan should be a correct way out.

Chris Moander

Based on this knowledge, how do you think employers will tend to respond? Should we expect employers, in the short term, to attempt pounding these square pegs into traditionally round holes? What about the risk of allowing inexperienced employees with lofty notions of themselves access to powerful, decision-making roles?

I recognize that these employees are already in the workforce, but I'm curious about (1) employer responses and (2) the net effects of employing these indivudals on businesses generally and specifically

Tom Hood


Great post! We are seeing these trends all over the place in the CPA profession where we deal with a well-educated workforce that is technologically savvy. Clearly requires us all to rethink how we structure our organizations and manage oour talent. I have been blogging about this topic a good bit over at http://www.cpasuccess.com

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