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December 29, 2008


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You make sense out of the most complex topics.

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Steve, interesting list. Re: #7, I think youre right. As a Generation Y-er myself, I can tell you theres a lot of concern among my peers that the jobs and career opportunities we thought we could count on are disappearing. As a result, I know several people personally who have decided to go into business for themselves. I actually think this ties in pretty nicely with your #10. Our relative comfort with web-driven technologies provides an opportunity many in my generation will find difficult to ignore.

Happy New Year!
Katie Langston

Christopher Bricks

I know I'm visiting this post almost 2 years later, but it's been pretty cool to see how some of your predictions are coming true. I don't know enough about the small business and demographic trends to make a judgement on those, but you nailed all three of your technology trends. Fun to look back on these kind of posts few years later. Thanks

Cameron Scott

This top 10 small business trends can help inform entrepreneurs so that they can innovate in the fast-changing business industry. Not everyone has the guts to be innovative and take risks. Every reader will appreciate how the economic, demographic, and technology trends are separated and specifically explained.

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Steve, how dead on were you. While most of what you said came true and is continuing to evolve, I was impressed that you mentioned smart phones. They were being used and were growing but who knew that they would grow so rapidly or that small businesses would be able to take advantage of both the internet usage that comes with them but also sms.

I would love to see your outlook for 2012.


Interesting list. Looking back to it, most of it happened. Especially 8 and 10 because of a very recent fall on our market.

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Another trend is businesses utilizing social media in order to promote their business. It's cheap (free if you are pc literate) plus there are more people online than ever.

Kristy Lewis

even though its 2011 now I still think these trends are still applicable. I still believe these will be the trends for the next 5-10 years which will be really interesting to see materialize.

Kathryn McDwell

I'm looking into number 10 right now because there are a lot of businesses that are venturing into internet marketing right now. You know how a company should use all of the available resources to expand, right? Just as Ms. Burruel has mentioned, companies have to take risks. Here in my hometown of Tennessee, the businesses are using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for promotion and advertisement. I guess it's time that companies should use it to their advantage.

Staci Burruel

I've read some stuff about starting a local business during the recession somewhere in the internet. According to that blog, it is one of the great advantages of the recession. You've pointed it out in the first trend that you've mentioned. The chances of failure are still there though. But are you really going to fail if you have effectively planned good marketing strategies for your business? You can use a lot of tools for promotion.

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If small businesses will require 60-80 weeks of work, if the baby boomers will not itnerested. We see an opportunity in this area for baby boomers to use their skills ..

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Yeah, me too! will start a small business if that it's the case. anyway, nice post.

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Recession definitely drives small businesses. I can see that and more people had their business to make money after they lose their job.


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Very informative and useful tips, though i found it too late. Makes sense, I love your form of writing, its unique and in a good way!

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Thanks for the very informative post Steve, you hit the nail on the head, small business is in huge growth right now , and only getting bigger. Ive been working for myself now since university 10 years ago, and love it!

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