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December 16, 2008


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Mark Bantigue

Gen Y is prepped for entrepreneurship -- but not the classic profile of the textbook entrepreneur.

Gen Y is:

-angry at the state of the world Gen X left them
-educated, plugged-in, connected
-not color-blind but not sensitive (can actually joke about color)
-pro-active, resurgent 60's activism for rights, green/environment, social evolution
-anti-big business / corporate (may work for one but hates it)

i know because i am a Gen Y'er.

we want to do things our way. we're not as tough as previous generations because we did not have a great war to fight and our world is more comfortable. but we bend the rules, take risks, and ultra-creative -- all classic entrepreneur traits.

we do not crave for break-away profits. social entrepreneurship is more like it. global mom-and pop shops using web 2.0 as our marketing tool, social networking, and get-along with everyone attitude will redefine the classic profile of the entrepreneur.

great article. keep it coming. love reading your posts.

Ken Kaufman

I am not only positive on Gen Y as entrepreneurs, but i think they are going to take entrepreneurship to a whole new level. They will embrace technology and resources better than any other generation in history, and they will create new markets and opportunities faster than the world has ever seen.

Those in more expereinced generations will need to help mentor and guide them, but not get in their way.

Greg Digneo

I agree, even though the popular mantra for the Gen Y is to get good grades and get a good job; I know a lot of twenty somethings who have experienced corporate life, don't like it, and are eager to strike out on their own.

Max Chafkin

Couldn't agree more. The Forbes article was a total head scratcher.


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