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November 05, 2009


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What happened with intuit trends?

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Wow , thanks for sharing.I didn't even know what social data was , but now , i have cleared it in my head.Thanks

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What a cool analysis! It seems to me that these clusters also generally correspond to accents. I've always been slightly boggled by how many 'different' accents there are in Ireland and the UK, compared to the US, given their relative sizes. I'd be interested to see the same analysis applied to these two islands, or even Europe in general. Link my name now!


Buildings are quite expensive and not everybody is able to buy it. But, personal loans are invented to support different people in such situations.

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WOW ..
that's so very nice article ..
these kind of blog will help the small business right now!!

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Social data is indeed very powerful to gain exposure and attract potential clients and i think this trend will last for a minimum of five years more.

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Besides the obvious, this kind of product integration has broad implications for how you select and implement software. As noted in the conference call today accompanying this announcement, a software architectural revolution is going on. You no longer need to have everything locked up onto one computer. Software today more and more is a hybrid combination. You will have some software downloaded to your company computers, and other software that you and your employees access as a service online.


Thanks for sharing the fresh information.
Sounds like Social Data may very well be the next best weapon that can be utilized to have a better edge on the competitive market.
I would definitely keep an eye on this.

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