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January 06, 2010


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Cygnis Media

We have finally finished moving our small business into the cloud. It means I have less time installing apps on the server, upgrading, backing up etc. Instead I get the constant - "I can't log in" or else the app in the cloud is not working.
Overall it's better, it just means that I now depend on IT providers reliability, not my own.

Beautiful Legs

We definitely do not use gut-feelings to make decisions in our online businesses, we use analytical tools which gather real data over time from the behavior of our online customers. We believe that every piece of data that has been collected over time is crucial in the analytical process, nothing gets deleted. This is the only way you get to know your online business success.

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these business trends has helped a lot in shaping the world. thanks for sharing. I definitely liked it. nice one indeed.


One trend I'd like to point out is that more angel VCs are coming in and investing in companies when they are in the true start-up "garage" stage. Firms like y-Combinator have really started a revolution in finding young, talented geeks at the incubation stage and growing them to great success.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful business trends that has been keeping us all updated. Kudos to you.

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point! Most small businesses operate within 50 miles of their homes or offices so it makes sense to focus locally. http://www.hotfilemediafire.com

Small Business Cash Advance

I totally agree that because of the availability of the internet and the current economic crisis more and more people are turning into home-based small businesses. Thanks for all these important knowledge.

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Your list is terrific and a great reminder that even in a slow-growth economy, small business continues to grow, our creative output increases, and if our businesses are to survive, we need to be engaged in all three trend areas you mention: economic, social, and technological. www.asiketmeduasi.com :)

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Your list is terrific and a great reminder that even in a slow-growth economy, small business continues to grow, our creative output increases, and if our businesses are to survive, we need to be engaged in all three trend areas you mention: economic, social, and technological. www.asiketmeduasi.com

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I find it difficult to subscribe RSS feeds, bookmark this site anyway I have is a very useful and complete information.

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Look into jobs that you may not even know you are qualified for and maybe find a new career in the process!


Online training has definitely kicked off. I see schools releasing new programs all the time. SMB's should look into the SBA's Grant programs" and take some online courses. Some courses that may interest SMB owners are:

Internet marketing courses

Business management courses

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small businesses are hard to do and most of them fail beacuse of innuative and bigger competitors so you defonantly have to pick a good niche market


I had got a desire to begin my own firm, nevertheless I did not have got enough of cash to do that. Thank heaven my close dude proposed to use the mortgage loans. Therefore I took the financial loan and made real my dream.

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Its unique one, which helps to say more about business to read. Thanks


There is no doubt that technology is the fastest evolving industry there is – period. If you realize for a moment that the world wide web itself has really only been in existence since the mid 1990’s, it is simply incredible where we are at today. I have even heard one person state that they are no longer an atheist because of the Internet. Why, you ask? Because if he could be THAT wrong about something like the Internet popping up so quickly, perhaps be could be wrong about the existence of God.


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