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January 06, 2010


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jessie amelio

The big difference between the corporate- or capitalistic-leaning sects and those of the recently and somewhat jokingly dubbed “edupunk” sect are in the underlying ideology of mashups, a do-it-yourself mentality, and above all affording learners and educators sufficient flexibility and opportunity to guide and discover their own learning paths. They thrive on open source technology, and the the notions of sharing and reuse.



Awesome post! This post is a reminder that even in a slow-growth economy, small businesses continue to grow.
Businesses need to start small to understand the basic working, only then can they grow into bigger and better organizations that may some day span the globe.
There are new strategic challenges for the global firm eg: market opportunities migrating to rapidly emerging economies in the East; the long shadow of the financial crisis and the rising prominence of sovereign wealth funds; and the urgent imperative to deal with climate change and to include a larger number of stakeholders in the firm's growth strategies.
The OWP sessions at the IMD address these challenges.

Bandwidth Management Tools

Well it starts with tools such as one rack unit that incorporates a hub, a router, and a bandwidth management. Less wires, all localized into one unit, and more productivity using less money to purchase it.


What are some of the cutting edge, or "bleeding edge" technologies that corporations are working with?
What does it mean to be an "early adopter" in terms of technology trends?
What opportunities and risks come with incorporating new approaches into an organization?

Penny Stocks

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Penny Stocks

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Alora Chistiakoff

This is a great list -- I especially like the first two, and their implications for entrepreneurship in a data democracy. (Wrote about here: http://www.workingpoint.com/blog/2010/01/07/contingent-small-business-workforce/?utm_source=smallbizlabs&utm_medium=comment&utm_campaign=entev) Exciting stuff. Thanks!

Salt Lake City IT Services

With businesses applying more and more technology there will be a greater need for IT help. A good IT service can help businesses be more productive and keep the headaches away.


3. Anyone experience anything about the easy google profit kit? I discovered a lot of advertisements around it. I also found a site that is supposedly a review of the program, but the whole thing seems kind of sketchy to me. However, the cost is low so I’m going to go ahead and try it out, unless any of you have experience with this system first hand?


The Franchise King


Great job on this article!

Home IS where the hear is...

The Franchise King®
Joel Libava

Shahjahan Chaudhary

I believe this decade will see a definite shift from big business to The Era of Small when networked, hyper-organized individuals will seize big opportunities with unbeatable speed. "Small can act like big, and big must act like small" is the sort of thing Tom Peters has been teaching for a long time now. 2010 will see more of this trend becoming mainstream.


The "New Local Movement" really isn't all that new, but it is a key point! Most small businesses operate within 50 miles of their homes or offices so it makes sense to focus locally.


Here's 10 Resolutions for Success in 2010 and Beyond http://www.famefoundry.com/1540/10-resolutions-for-success-in-2010-and-beyond

Fame Foundry


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Open Intelligence

In the 80s rescession, Charles Handy came up with the term “portfolio person” to describe how people would make a living. I have been advocating homeworking and the importance of the local economy (and local currencies) since then, too. As a content analyst, I have been advocating “analytical tools” for (self signifying) “data driven decisions” for even longer. And we are still a small business. But it looks like the opportunity to become a big business might be presenting itself. The data seems to be pointing that way (along with our order book).

We provide a free news intelligence monitor at www.openintelligence.amplify.com.

Boise Real Estate

I love thinking outside the box! I hate it when people sit around complaining about how bad things are. Great post and I wish everyone in this country would read it.

Kate DuBois

Your list is terrific and a great reminder that even in a slow-growth economy, small business continues to grow, our creative output increases, and if our businesses are to survive, we need to be engaged in all three trend areas you mention: economic, social, and technological.

Another social trend that I think will fascinate you I just learned from a new book I recently previewed, "Built to Sell," by John Warrilow (http://builttosell.com). He says that over half of America’s 23 million business owners hope to exit in the next 10 years!

I was surprised by what I learned about to prepare your small business for retirement regardless of how young you are now. That's another trend to watch.


Great post! I think I found the first point most interesting. I've read over a dozen of these "top 10 small business" articles and I don't think I've seen one that has mentioned that before. It makes sense for business to do, really. eg. cuts costs, increase efficiency, possibly.

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