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February 01, 2010


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Sociology Research Paper

I don’t think you’ll find many who thought that replacing pre-capitalist production with capitalist production is a step in the wrong direction. The proletarian is mostly better off than the serf, no one said different.”


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D Warren: Good set of points in your comment. Poverty is clearly still a huge global issue and even if someone is living on $2.00 a day, I think that is still pretty grim.

But at the same time I am excited about the progress the world's made in lowering poverty rates and I'm optimistic these trends will continue as the global economy improves.


D Warren

Unfortunately, the World Bank had to adjust the poverty line to $1.25 in 2008, given increasing real food costs in developing countries. When this increase is taken into account, the number of people in abject poverty rises to 1.4 billion (according to the World Bank). Considering, further, that the current global recession is actually reversing some of the earlier gains, the above report (as of 2006) is less sanguine. Real, sustainable solutions to poverty remain a critical issue to the global community, with as many as 11 million children under age 5 dying every year from the consequences of poverty. The global death toll from poverty in the 1990s was approx. 270 million, mostly women and children -- a figure that was equal to the entire population of the United States at that time. Things truly aren't much better now.


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