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  • The authors are Steve King and Carolyn Ockels. Steve and Carolyn are partners at Emergent Research and Senior Fellows at the Society for New Communications Research. Carolyn is leading the coworking study and Steve is a member of the project team.

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July 26, 2010


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Alan Morley

Great post!!! Very informative and helpful to people like us. Thanks for sharing this post for everyone. I will share this link to my other friends.

MS Small Business Resources

This would be a great way to save also. Thanks for sharing the links. Kudos to you!


Alex: I hadn't thought about the differences this way, but I agree. Thanks for the insight.



I think there's one fundamental difference between coworking and incubation: needs.

Coworking is designed to facilitate something that's already in motion: work.

Incubation is designed to facilitate something that needs something in order to work: company inception and/or growth.

I've noticed a pattern that incubator-like activity tends to attract people that *need* far more than they have to give...and then when they're done getting what they need, they split.

In contrast, coworking (even with incubation-like elements) attracts people who have more than they need. They contribute more to the ecosystem they are participating in, and tend to stick around longer.

issue tracking

both of these seem great, particularly for freelancers or those who travel frequently for work as sometimes being alone can really stifle your motivation or creativity.

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