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July 06, 2010


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Anthony Hopkins

Chinese manufacturing costs are going up due to rising labor costs, increasing transportation costs and the Chinese government decision to allow their currency to fluctuate - a decision that will very likely lead to the Yuan appreciating against the dollar.

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To see a shift away from China in relation to manufacturing would be no bad thing..some of the working conditions,health and safety etc. are ridiculous.

Mel L., MBA

It would be great to have more manufacturing done in the United States. This would mean more domestic jobs and a good catalyst for economic recovery.

Jordan Shoes

I only recently started leaving comments! Makes me imagine a tiny additional about what I enjoyed and learned about the post! Fantastic ideas, thanks!


I have followed all things that you said. Thanks.

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The number of factors should be taken into consideration like Return of Manufacturing, Energy Cost Impact on Manufacturing/ Supply Chain,Trends & Drivers for Return of manufacturing.The global economy can be beneficial if they stay flexible.Manufacturing trends impacted output growth slowly despite negative input growth.

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For too long today's ERP packages have been using outdated decision models developed in 1913 that make it difficult to determine which source of supply is best financially. That is why we developed Phitch - which treat inventory as an investment - in doing so businesses are much more able to weigh to complex decisions with a global supply chain. While all this sounds complex - the best part is that we make it easy - simple color coded business alerts that tell the user what is best. Our software supports this trend not because that is what the herd is doing but it often is the best financially.

Daniel Townsend

It all comes down to designing products that people want. There's no point making a product cheaply in China that nobody wants. By being close to customers, US manufacturers should use the opportunity to really understand what the needs of the customer are. That is the route to value and successful domestic manufacturing.

Todd Hockenberry

Great article and post...we have been advising our small manufacturing clients to take advantage of the increasing costs of exporting manufacturing by:

1. Focusing on a specific product/technology niche and building a virtual team with the rest of the expertise needed to succeed - eg. hire IT service firms, marketing experts, financial gurus instead of bringing all functions in house.
2. Leveraging online technology to get found by potential customers.
3. Reducing friction for local/regional customers in terms of delivery, billing, service, warranty, etc...
4. Adding value to their manufactured goods by bundling a service with the product, eg. deliver goods in point of sale packaging eliminating a step for the buyer.
5. Partner and network with larger sales and marketing networks and earn referrals

Great to hear people being more optimistic about US manufacturing....we still have a lot of talent and expertise in this country and we certainly need the jobs these companies provide.


To see a shift away from China in relation to manufacturing would be no bad thing..some of the working conditions,health and safety etc. are ridiculous.

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