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September 07, 2010


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iPhone insurance

Great, this review about iPad is very precise. iPad is really very easy to use but its features lack of multitasking. This is such a great and insightful post. I really admire the author for giving time to discuss this topic. Thank you so much.

International call rates

For sure, there's going to be huge features and applications that arise. This gadget is surely a hit! Yet, I believe iPad doesn’t have all the features that computers have. But again, thanks for sharing such informative post, though.

Tooth Implants Preston

Your review is very accurate, IPad works really well for internet browsing but not suitable for spreadsheets , which I am currently experiencing !!!!!

Reverse cell phone lookup

They just start to sell iPad here, so basicly I do not have an iPad now.

Alpha male

In this era of blog ,we easily get nice & updated information for research purposes... I'd definitely appreciate the work of the said blog owner... Thanks!

john nelson

IDV Solutions has been doing some work with the iPad -mostly because it's native browser is HTML 5 compatible (because of multi-touch, location support...). So its iPad in a roundabout way. Anyways, we build an app for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation in HTML 5 that is intended for iPad use (if you're not on an iPad it redirects to a Silverlight version). Feel free to check it out:


Here is a video link if you don't have an iPad (which I don't):


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