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September 22, 2010


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Of course ooShirts is going to make that much money! Just try to make a return per their "guarantee"...running light here means that there is literally NO STAFF to work with customers and any problems. I have been trying to get someone there to help me for 3 weeks, but they only have one phone number to take orders with and no other numbers or people to talk to. No corporate headquarters. No customer service. No nothing. They don't appear on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, I'm sure that this is because they don't want to be found. I cannot find a single working number for them other than an answering machine and the order line. Running light in this case means running a pretty unethical business model. And the online reviews are piling up for you, Mr. Lei. Trust me.


BTW, my post is at http://www.atouchofbusiness.com/info/small-business-ideas-on-a-small-budget


While there may be different terminology between what's 'lean' and what's a 'shoestring,' I think things are looking up these days (finally). There was somewhat of a silver lining to the recession because it prompted people to think seriously about starting their own businesses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post and responded in more depth (referencing back to this), in my own post this afternoon at A Touch of Business Info.

As I wrote at the end, "Starting a small business on a shoestring is more than possible. As with any other endeavor, it all comes down to the passion and dedicated hard work—above all—to get one off the ground."

David Locke

Government contractors start out with a computer and a phone, because having more causes problems later. The government provides money to cover everything once you get the contract. That computer and phone won't be part of the ongoing operation.

My own take on it is to never code on my own dime. Find a client, so you don't build something without customer input, or something that doesn't have a market.


The other point to consider is that while this was a "lean" start-up it also didn't require anything besides the founder's own expertise and hard work. Not all start-ups are this fortunate. Adapting lean operations is however a good idea no matter who you are.


Be careful not to co-mingle the term "lean startup" with low-cost or cheap. As meant by Eric Reis and Steve Blank, "lean startup" is not about cost. http://steveblank.com/2009/11/02/lean-startups-aren%E2%80%99t-cheap-startups/

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