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October 19, 2010


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Mack  Payne

Small businesses need customers with a little disposable income. Guess where those type customers come from? They are everywhere and if they have a little extra jingle in their pockets they will sooner or later spend it. What is the easiest and quickest way to get a little extra jingle in their pockets? You guessed it - lower taxes. Despite Democratic rhetoric it works every time.

Think and Grow Rich Book

Many big companies have benefitted from the stimulus, either directly or indirectly. Most small businesses are still so scared they're in a holding pattern as are their customers. Almost every major modern day economist agrees the Great Depression should never have lasted as long as it did but for the fears held by most.

Diane Greenburg

I completely agree with the most recent post - the small firms spark growth locally and advance from there, while still benefiting the locals. Wonder what kind of spin the govt will put on this one... numbers just don't lie.

Business Money Today

While big businesses are getting all the benefits from stimulus and spending - it is small firms that will pull us up into stronger economic growth - growth that starts in local communities and spreads out from there. Shame that we have our priorities backwards here!

Small Business Answering service

Having a phone answering service is definitely something every small business owner should consider. Many companies have proven that it may boost and increased business sales.


Exposure to faster growing international markets is a key reason. Another is product and service offering diversity.

cynthia kocialski

Any conjuctures as to why the difference? A venture capital firm told me that while the companies in their portfolio were generating revenue, sales was almost exclusively coming from outside the US. Possibly small business generate the bulk of the revenue from local markets, whereas S&P500 companies have a global presence.

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