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February 03, 2011


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certified financial planner

Technology components like software products have helped us be more productive in accounting. Here comes the next pivotal challenge called Cloud Computing where consolidating accounting ledgers in real time upon the end of an accounting cycle.

US Non Resident Bank Account

Accounting and tax businesses are growing rapidly, now a days we can build new clients through social media websites and spread our business all over the world..

william seidman

This is a very provocative blog. The challenge though isn't to just see these trends coming but to help accountants make the changes required to be successful.

In particular, these changes will require that accountants and their customers develop what amounts to a new culture based on a different mental model of the profession and significantly different operating models.

In our work on organizational transformations, we help organizations make these types of shifts all of the time. The foundation for making the changes happen quickly and effectively is to find the positive deviants who are already functioning the new way and learn what they think and how they do it. These people can provide an extraordinary set of best practices for the new work.

Then, organizations can leverage some of the most recent breakthroughs in the neuroscience of positive images to get others to embrace these best practices.

Changing the culture of a profession isn't easy, but it can be done quickly and efficiently,

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