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July 18, 2011


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elder abuse california

One should not see retirement as the days left by to do nothing. I've seen alot of baby boomers become more successful after retirement.

retirement planning advice

Is that fact they are working past the typical age of retirement impacted by the type of retirement plan they are using? I'm trying to set up a plan for my small business and make sure that my employees are covered and will have a choice with working that late in their life.

Tim P Sykes

My thoughts here would be, if people want to work after they retire then does this create a job shortage for the school leavers.
If a 65 year old teacher stays on till 69 then the extra 4 years he works would not leave a job vacancy for a graduate teacher. Times this by 1000 and this causes a problem.
If there is not a shortage in the pacific area then this is not relevant and people should be able to do as they please.

Geri Stengel

Not only are they continuing to work, Boomers are also starting their own businesses and nonprofits as well as volunteering for substantive jobs at nonprofits. (The key word there is “substantive.”) Some use well-honed skills; others seek training so they can follow a passion they couldn’t indulge while pursuing a career.

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