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December 14, 2011


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Anne Field

Just one comment--My understanding is that L3cs and Benefit Corps are for profits with a social/environmental mission. (The L3c is a "low-profit" company.) Also, there are now seven states with legislation creating a new corporate form for Benefit Corporations, protecting them from law suits if they consider the interests of non-financial stakeholders before financial interests.

So these are not to be confused with non-profit social entrepreneurial organizations that run themselves like businesses, with the ability to scale.

Anne Field
Twitter: @annearfannearf


Sure. Inveneo (http://www.inveneo.org/) is a good example.

They are a non-profit that brings IT solutions to folks in the developing world. But instead of operating like a traditional non-profit, they run their operation like a for profit business.

A good resource on social entrepreneurs - with lots of examples - is the Skoll Foundation (www.skollfoundation.org/), which supports social entrepreneurs. Take a look at their site for more info.

Nick Carter

I think I understand what you mean by social entreprenuer, but I'm not positive. Can you give some examples of these org's?

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