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January 24, 2012


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What a terrific article! A society based on consumerism cannot be sustainable simply because it is not Infinite. Sooner or later, it is bound to fail. Right now, we are all starting to see the cracks and desperately trying to glue them together.

"The rise of the contract worker may also be having a more wide-scale impact than previously realized. A growing gap between rich and poor in countries like Canada has been blamed, in part, on a growing number of poor quality jobs. There’s also mounting evidence to suggest that the rise of the throwaway worker has made recent recessions more painful and longer-lasting. Temp jobs? More like a temporary economy."

I have to heartily agree with this analysis. The major indicator of this would have to be our real estate markets around the world. They have all suffered serious decline and haven't yet quite reached the 'free-fall' stage but it is coming.

If you don't employ people properly so they can get financing, how can they possibly sign up for a quarter to -half million dollar home?

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