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July 17, 2012


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Steve King

Peter: Gallup has a fair amount of detail on the metrics and calculations on their site. Click on the link in the post.

Cynthia: The vast majority of unbiased studies on fracking show it to be safe if properly done.

We clearly need strong federal and state fracking regulations and oversight to ensure it's done properly and safely. We also need more studies on fracking.

But your claim that fracking is per se bad is not supported by the current research.


I think this study is skewed if hydrofracking is not part of the matrix.
Hydrofracking causes earthquakes, posions water wells and deep earth aquifers, causing significant environmental damage and unresolvable health issues. Check, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming. CO and WY are second ranked in this study, come on!

Peter Davies

It'd be really interesting to know what each metric was and what score each state received.

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