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February 26, 2013


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In re-reading my comment, I realize the following is clunky: "Anyone calling themselves a Cicerone without these credentials can certainly be a beer expert, and even a 'beer coach,' but they cannot use the title."

My point, more simply, is: Cicerone is not a generic title. A beer expert who is not Certified Cicerone or Master Cicerone is just a beer expert or a beer sommelier if they wish.



Hey -- thanks for the link to our program, however, a couple of quick points:

One cannot call themselves a Certified Cicerone or a Master Cicerone without completing our certification program (it's also a registered trademark). Anyone calling themselves a Cicerone without these credentials can certainly be a beer expert, and even a "beer coach," but they cannot use the title.

So, in short, there are "beer sommeliers" and there are Certified Cicerones. Our program exists to ensure there is a standard for a high level of beer knowledge and tasting skill. If you have any more questions about our program, feel free to drop a line.

JP / Cicerone Certification Program

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