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  • The authors are Steve King and Carolyn Ockels. Steve and Carolyn are partners at Emergent Research and Senior Fellows at the Society for New Communications Research. Carolyn is leading the coworking study and Steve is a member of the project team.

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July 09, 2015


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Improved happiness is undoubtedly the most rewarding attribute of Coworking. We've noticed at Plexpod in Kansas City that Coworkers are happy for several key reasons... 1) People want to be there and know that others feel the same. No one there doesn't want to be there; unlike many corporate cultures. 2) Working in a space with other likeminded entrepreneurial people creates much synergy. There is always someone around to interact with. And always as much or as little as you choose to. 3) Working for different companies eliminates the false sense of teamwork that is often propagated in office culture. No reason to pretend you're on a team when you're not. The tendency is to focus on people and never on corporate culture.

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